“a delicate and perfect writer”

— Ivor Novello Award Winner, Chris Difford


Spirited and invitational, De’Borah Powell newly enlists a musical community rich in both heart and skill to empower a refreshed sound. Her candid songwriting and pure, arresting vocals leads her to curate performative experiences of sound and space – encouraging listeners to transition from observers to participators in the artist’s journey of life and music.

“I always knew I liked to sing and I always loved words”

After attending The BRIT School in 2008, De’Borah began publicly performing. It was here that the Croydon-born artist gained the opportunity and experiences to explore her innate love for words and melodies that had materialised at a young age. In the years that followed, De’Borah released 4 EPs and performed extensively as a solo acoustic act, gracing venues such as the Jazz Café, Fairfield Halls, Southbank Centre and festivals including Greenbelt, Secret Garden Party and Wilderness. Inspired by musicians such as John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Alicia Keys and Keane, De’Borah’s initial sound was also recognised by BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 6 and Radio X. 

In 2015, De’Borah decided to temporarily hit pause on musical pursuits to seek direction and revisit the sound and heart of her career. Reflecting on this time, De’Borah muses that “ God brought me back to songwriting” and the artist entered into a reignition of her passion for vulnerable storytelling against a backdrop of beautiful music. As she surrendered her plans, De’Borah began experimenting with new concepts and it was then that ideas of introducing an ensemble to her act began to form.

 “In this world, you need to make people stop and listen”.

 Today, De’Borah Powell and The Benefactors present a philosophy that fuses composing and performance with values of friendship and community – reflecting the biblical virtues of King David and his temple musicians. Now reemerging with a new collective, De’Borah plans to showcase a contemporary body of work that continues to nurture her lyrical sensibilities with a penchant for multi-layered and heartfelt sounds. 


‘Love Can’t Be Controlled’ by De’Borah Powell and The Benefactors is out on the 20th November.

 “A delicate and perfect writer”

— Ivor Novello Award Winner, Chris Difford


“A wonderful purity to her voice and songs.”

– BBC Radio London’s Gary Crowley


“De’Borah has one of those voices that makes you stop everything and just listen, until you emerge trancelike from the other side wondering whether it felt like a second or a lifetime.”

– Fresh On The Net